Tuesday, July 31, 2007

people of the world, spice up your life

Vote for the Spice Girls to perform in YOUR SPICE CITY!

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Boy Hurt in Car Crash Wins $100K by Suing Parents

"A Minnesota couple whose 3-year-old son suffered brain injuries in a car accident has won a $100,000 settlement from their auto insurer by having the child sue them for negligent installation of his car seat.

The Minnesota Supreme Court granted summary judgment to Teddy Harrison, now 9, finding that the state's “seat belt gag rule” does not apply to his suit against his parents. The child was thrown from his mother's SUV when it was struck by an uninsured motorist driving another vehicle in April 2001."

perhaps i did not spend enough time studying product liability (as most notably shown by my performance on my torts final), but this isn't sitting right. suing your parents? in a product liability case? and winning? because of a gag rule? huh?


m.i.a.'s new album, set to drop 8/21 in the states...

bamboo banger
bird flu
hussel (ft africkan boy)
mango pickle down river (with the wilcannia mob)
world town
the turn
paper planes
come around (ft timbaland)

there is an excellent description of tracks here and also here. i kinda want to talk about each individual track here, but i will hold back because this would turn into the longest entry ever.

i am FREAKING OUT over this album. it is SICK. the single most surprising, unexpected and amazing track has got to be paper planes. in the nylon magazine interview, m.i.a. said the song was inspired by a new years celebration that involved firing ak-47s into the air and then watching footage of african relief efforts. when i read the article, i was skeptical. but i hadn't heard the song. it makes sense now. and it's such a great song.

i was also surprised at the disco influences in this album. especially with "hussel" and "jimmy." jimmy is both bollywood and disco, which is pretty delightful. i was also very very excited to hear some influences from the pixies and new order in $20. (!!!) it is an amazing track.

the coolest thing about this album is that m.i.a. is not just sampling lyrics, a sound, or a musical style... she makes these musical influences her own. i think when you hear a song, you first hear the sample and then recognize the artist who is using it. that was not the case for me here. i heard m.i.a. first and then recognized the influence second. m.i.a. has her own voice and you hear it loud and clear.

xoxoxoxoxo to m.i.a. for this awesome awesome album. i love it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

data entry makes me stabby

it does. seriously. very stabby.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

You Are a Worthy Adversary, My Son!

Mom: So, you're gay, right?
Son: No, Mom, I'm not gay.
Mom: Yes, you are. I've seen your clothes.
Son: All the guys wear these.
Mom: All the gay ones, maybe.
Son: Go away.
Mom: If you were straight, you wouldn't have cried so much after you were pushed out of my vagina.
Son: Actually, I think that proves my straightness. No straight guy could look at your cunt and not cry.

--6 train

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Soneto IV (Sonnet 4) by Pablo Neruda

Recordarás aquella quebrada caprichosa
a donde los aromas palpitantes treparon,
de cuando en cuando un pájaro vestido
con agua y lentitud: traje de invierno.

Recordarás los dones de la tierra:
irascible fragancia, barro de oro,
hierbas del matorral, locas raíces,
sortílegas espinas como espadas.

Recordarás el ramo que trajiste,
ramo de sombra y agua con silencio,
ramo como una piedra con espuma.

Y aquella vez fue como nunca y siempre:
vamos allí donde no espera nada
y hallamos todo lo que está esperando.

i only make jokes to distract myself from the truth

oh god

Can You Tell That A Woman Is Single And Unlaid Just From Her Apartment?

in the article, it lists stuff you will find in this "single" woman's apt. i don't really have any of those things in my apt (with the exception of framed posters. but they are ARTY dammit.)

the second comment killed me though, because unfortunately they apply to me.... F

"'Emergency' pack of cigarettes
Copious empty wine bottles (preferably Chardonnay)
Bridget Jones' Diary
Special DVD edition of Pride and Prejudice"

thanks for helping out with my depression, article.

i love my sirius

usually i like to listen to the chill channel (ambient grooves), backspin (old school hip hop) and left of center (indie goodness) on my sirius. i do listen to howard stern, but sometimes it gets a bit too gross for me.

lately, i've been getting into the 90s alternative channel. they play hole, pj harvey, nirvana, smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, soundgarden and lots of bands that i completely forgot about. listening to this channel reminds me of middle school. so, what are the greatest songs from this era?


smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings

i recently had a conversation with stuart about pearl jam's "better man." his claim was that it is undeniable that "better man" is one of the greatest songs of all time. i am still not sure if i agree.

i might be a bigger fan of black

soundgarden - black hole sun

and maybe this is from left field, but silverchair - tomorrow

Friday, July 27, 2007

i'm overpowered

Róisín Murphy, lead vocalist/diva of Moloko, has some pretty cool solo stuff. i'm especially enjoying 'overpowered'

Thursday, July 26, 2007

They Can Describe the Hell Out of Things, Though

Svengali-type: Yeah, they're really into Phenomenology over there, so they can't really explain anything.
Lolita-type: Wow. Yeah, I'd heard that about them.

--Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

how many tequilas in the place

m.i.a.'s new track: "boyz"

this new album is going to be sick sick sick! i can't wait to hear the whole thing. i love the chaos of "bird flu" and this new release "boyz" is awesome. it's easier to follow boyz in a rhythmic sense, but they're both great tracks. when is this thing gonna drop? ahhh!

youtube has a thing on the making of "boyz." watch, it's pretty fun.

Monday, July 23, 2007

i heart trentemoeller

bar exam

i want to wish everyone taking the bar exam lots of luck! especially my brother stuart, wonl and wade garrett. you guys will definitely kick some ass.

here is the glorious unicorn with a rainbow for good luck.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007


the top 25

itunes is very revealing. i will judge you based on your top 25. now you can judge me on mine.

nelly furtado - maneater
brazilian girls - don't stop
bloc party - blue light
mos def - ms fat booty
thom yorke - black swan
sia - breathe me
kelly clarkson - since u been gone
beirut - postcards from italy
xtina - ain't no other man
brazilian girls - lazy lover
brazilian girls - pussy
m.i.a. and madonna mashup - UR Hung Up
counting crows - colorblind
justin timberlake - my love
freezepop - outer space
go home productions - sexual high
nelly furtado - promiscuous
cleveland lounge - drowning
justin timberlake - sexy back
the knife - heartbeats
rick ross - hustlin
van morrison - crazy love
zero 7 - futures
joan as police woman - the ride
nas - virgo

lily allen with common

listen to it through fader

like? hate? love? i don't know how i feel about it yet. but i think i like it.
Two Voices, a Single Dream

Girl #1, into phone: No, we're in Brooklyn. Yeah, Spot Collins's territory.
Girl #2: I cannot believe you just made a Newsies reference.
Girl #1: Bitch, please -- you do it all the time.

--17th & 4th, Brooklyn

Overheard by: me too

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

nobody loves me, it's true.

still lovin the kylie


The PA House has passed a Resolution discouraging the use of the "N" word. You can click the link to read.

"RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives discourage the use of the "N" word and join in declaring a symbolic moratorium on the use of the "N" word and all its variants in this Commonwealth."

the state of PA appears to be the first state to take such action. new york city seems to be the only other place in the US that passed a moratorium on the word. (if you know of other places. please let me know) i'm finding this really interesting. i did not know that you could do this sort of thing in the House. i've been reading a lot of Bills at work today, and there's some interesting stuff that has been passed. wow. i'm a nerd.

cars and douchebaggery

horrible drivers in pittsburgh tend to drive the same types of car. i have not conducted a study on this. (although that would be kind of fun) i am simply generalizing and stereotyping based on my experiences driving in this godforsaken city for the past 7 years. if i did conduct a study, i would probably analyze accident rates, car types, moving violations as well as parking violations. anyway, here are the top 3 cars that tend to have the douchebags behind the wheel.

1. the pontiac grand prix via 1993: if you haven't been cut off by one of these at least 3 times, consider yourself lucky. people tend to really like to store tiny stuffed animals and beanie babies in the back window of their grand prix. perhaps these beanie babies contribute to the poor driving.

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2. the isuzu rodeo, any year. any model. preferably something early 90s. i have seen my life flash before my eyes with this beast of an SUV. i was almost rammed into a median on the turnpike by one of these. another one took off my sideview mirror. evil beasts!

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3. the chevy lumina minivan you know that car that goes 40 on the thruway in the left lane? it's always a chevy lumina minivan. why is that?

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if you can think of any others, please let me know. feel free to generalize and stereotype with me. it's a fun game.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

don't want to invest $3.19 on a hula hoop? why not pick up a wii for just $300?

What's That? You Have a Bomb?

Tourist girl to friend: Oh my god, people are totally going to know we're from Boston when they hear our accents!
Guy sweeping cigarette butts: No, people are going to know you're from Boston when they hear you freak out and call the bomb squad over one of our electronic ads.

--49th & 9th

Overheard by: guy who dropped a couple of the cigarette butts

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Monday, July 16, 2007

go buy this for me. now.



when i say you sucked my brain out...

sing it, ani! i love this song. the youtube video (a clip from her dvd) actually talks over my favorite verse. but it's still awesome.

Friday, July 13, 2007

the heebie jeebies

the building i work in houses a variety of businesses. one of these businesses is a "fancy" steakhouse. they must be slaughtering and grilling 25 cows right now, because it REEKS of cooked meat at work today.

now really, i am fine with the eating of meat. i am not one of *those* vegetarians. i really don't care what you eat or how you eat it. i'd just like the be left out of the equation. the smell/look/taste/general idea of eating meat creeps me the F out.

it just freaks me out to think that this...

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becomes this...

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Arrange a MoMA Intervention

Girl #1: I just don't know if I can love him anymore.
Girl #2, giggling: Why not?
Girl #1: Stop laughing! What would you do if your boyfriend had a thing for dolphin art?!

--East Village

via Overheard in New York, Jul 12, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

new love

Sirius radio chill channel has introduced me to Anders Trentemøller, a Danish electronic musician from Copenhagen. (wikipedia. myspace.)

I'm in love with the track "miss you." It is beautiful ambient, electronic, wonderfulness. It's really fantastic. Trentemoller even made a remix of The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health. The Knife remix is much more IDM. Either way, this guy is awesome. It will be entering heavy rotation on my playlist.

please refer to the youtube video so you can learn how to lean like a cholo.

i get the feeling that this track is gonna climb the billboard charts. is this going to be a dance craze? meh. i would rather walk it out with andre 3000.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Stench Is As the Stench of Ten

Hobo: The government just doesn't understand the power of my feet!
Preppy guy: I see. Go on...

--70th & Columbus

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Monday, July 9, 2007

planet unicorn heeeeyyyyyyy

have you made a simpsons version of yourself yet?


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How Wily Odysseus Escaped the Island of Calypso

Conductor on PA: Excuse me, ma'am, maybe it would work better if you went to the next door -- it's less crowded. [Lady walks to next door, but before she gets there the conductor closes them.] Haha, bitch! Toot, toot!

--Crowded 2 train

Overheard by: CeLia

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FAQ with Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris: Questions I am asked most about martial arts

Sunday, July 8, 2007

i hate this song. but fine. i will admit that this is hilarious.

highlights from the weekend in philly

- on the drive over to philly, i ran into a friend of mine at a rest stop. my friend is a radio dj/personality and was doing a webcast of his trip to live earth. so now there is a video of our random conversation on the internet. i will not be including a link.

- the really intrusive housekeepers at loews hotel

- paying $17.17 at the gas station on 7/7/07. OMG 7!!!!

- the mutter museum: gross stuff like dried body parts and fetuses in jars. it was so cool. i saw the biggest colon ever.

- farmacia, delicious restaurant with many veggie/vegan options

- getting felt up by the boy's grandma

- bob and barbara's: a bar in rittenhouse sq that is clearly obsessed with PBR

- discussing analytic philosophy with my favorite cab driver in the world (he was wearing a freaking wittgenstein tshirt)

- spooning with a pitt bull/mix named gypsy

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Friday, July 6, 2007

travel and leisure

today i leave for the city of brotherly love. on the agenda: general shenanigans, the mutter museum, some eats and a warehouse party with some sick djs. chromeo and flosstradamus are also playing, but i'm thinking i'll just go see them in buffalo next weekend. anyway, it should be a good time.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

awesome blog


we all know the ADA is overly broad....but come on!

Detroit employee sues city over co-worker's perfume

"DETROIT - A Detroit planning department employee has sued the city because she claims a coworker's strong fragrance prohibits her from working... McBride claims she is severely sensitive to perfumes and other cosmetics... The suit says her work environment violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. McBride is asking for a ban on such scents at work and unspecified damages."

this lawsuit pisses me off for a number of reasons... the main reason being that i was actually in a similar situation once, but as the perfume wearer. i worked at a library for 3 years where one of the reference librarians claimed that she was allergic to my perfume. so i didn't wear it. simple as that.

the lady complained about me almost every day and even yelled at me when my boss wasn't around, accusing me of maliciously wearing perfume to work. (she actually cornered me by the copiers and started screaming. it was terrifying.) she even went to the head of the library system (well over my boss's head) to complain about me and my vicious perfume. it got to the point where i had to put my coat and backpack in a separate storage room just in case there were any lingering scents.

the whole situation was ridiculous and i was very happy when i got another job and quit. the fact that someone can SUE people regarding this kind of stuff is just bananas.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

brilliant and hilarious

this website is awesome. 8 thumbs up. it makes me wish i had a more common name so i could get hilarious emails from strangers.


"according to the u.s. census, miller is the country’s seventh-most popular surname. the census doesn’t calculate how many of those millers have a first name starting with “k,” but i think it’s safe to go with “a lot.” maybe even, “a shitload.” i should know: i get their email."

america's finest

PSA: "Patriot Punch"

If you see a drink special called "Patriot Punch," don't order it. You may think, "hey, i want to celebrate the 4th with a special drink." no. don't think that. never think that.

Patriotism should not be served to you in the form of a pungent blue drink. Freedom and Liberty taste like shit. i immediately regretted my decision when i had my first sip of freedom.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

waste time with lola

i am very bored at work, and have decided to embark on a journey of internet quizzes. here are some of my favorites.

this quiz that asks you to distinguish between art and crap. it's pretty short, but i enjoyed it http://www.modestypanel.com/artorcrap/#

Who Said it? Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Usama Bin Ladin? http://www.funnystrange.com/quiz/

Test your Geography Knowledge (yeah good luck with that. eastern europe crushed my score) http://www.lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/index.html

Nerdy but fun if you like words. http://www.wordquiz.org/

"ed kowalcyk, and only ed kowalcyk loves me"

i just got an inter-office e-mail announcing that the band Live is doing a sound check outside the building. the e-mail apologized for the noise.

low and behold, i look out the window and there is a stage and a dude looking like ed kowalcyk. yesssss.

assault by catfish

Fla. Man Stabbed, Injured By Catfish

"DESTIN, Fla. -- A fight between two Destin friends ended painfully for one man when he was stabbed with a fish. Police said one of the men threw a catfish at his 22-year-old friend Monday during the argument. The fins went in about three-quarters of an inch and stuck in the unidentified man's back. Lifeguards cut the fish away and the victim was taken to a hospital. His condition was not reported."

Monday, July 2, 2007

a different kind of wingman

'Wingmen' offer driving service for intoxicated

"You're out on the town and you realize you've had one too many. You know you shouldn't get behind the wheel. You could call a cab, but your car is sitting in a parking lot and you don't want to leave it there overnight. You could call a friend, if you're willing to have one more ex-friend in the morning...

Here's how it works: If you're anywhere within the Red Bank-Sea Bright-Atlantic Highlands triangle and need a ride, you call them (732-407-1115). Two Wingmen will appear. One of them drives you home in your car, while the other follows... Cost: $20..."

this is a brilliant idea... coming out of new jersey. (?!??) i would definitely use it if they had it here. cabs are not exactly plentiful in pittsburgh, so this would be a nice alternative. i wonder how successful this venture will be.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

only madonna can make a sleeveless leather jacket sexy

what have you been listening to?

nick drake
the white stripes
daft punk
the yoga booty ballet mix (from la decadanse)
paul wall