Monday, December 31, 2012

Question 3: Pearl Jam

Skottey asked: I like to keep my cheese fresh. I don't know what the guys in the Pearl Jam do with their cheese. Can you tell me what the guys in the Pearl Jam do with their cheese? 

According to Pearl Jam's tour rider, the band requires 1 Brie or Camembert cheese. This is unfortunate, as brie and camembert are soft cheeses with rather short shelf lives. By encore time, Pearl Jam's cheese is old and moldy. Where is the bathroom?

Also this

Sunday, December 30, 2012


just got tickets to see alt+j in march. so excited. 'an awesome wave' has pretty much been on repeat on my ipod. loove.

Question 2: Underwear Rule

Anthony asked: Why is it that women leave their underwear on as if its the impenetrable force during making out? Your already passed it with your hand, but she wont let you take them off to be able to work better. As if the underwear have magical ability to not allow for sex. 

Okay. Well I guess I left that wide open when I said you could ask anything. My recommendation is to enhance your seduction techniques. Perhaps entice your lady to ditch the underwear by humping a nearby blanket. (See Question 1.) You can't lose.

Upcoming race calendar

Mainly this is so I don't forget. 78.6 miles planned!

1/27/13: Manhattan Half Marathon
3/17/13: NYC Half
4/27/13: Verrazano Half
5/26/13: Buffalo Half
11/3/13: NYC Full

Question 1: Cat Balls

Shelby asked: My cat had his balls chopped off years ago, but he still humps things like blankets. Why is this?

Blankets are crazy sexy. However, I asked the internet and it says cats hump to seek attention. So if the internet is correct (and it never lies) I'm thinking your cat humps to entice you to come pet him.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Question Game

We've played this before. Here's the deal: Ask me questions and I'll answer them. Ask anything you like. The weirder the better.

Feel free to comment on this entry with your inquisitions.


hearts and stabs 12.29.12

- 8-bit music (or chiptune) so good. 
- concept baking: pb&j muffins, s'mores brownies, pumpkin pie cookies
- perceptor as ghettotronics
- super snuggle time with mr. wallace
- oh you fancy huh?
- the hilariousness that is the vampire diaries
- currently reading and loving: Regarding Ducks and Universes

- the fiscal cliff
- sauerkraut
- rude people in bathroom lines
- new year's eve tourists

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Into this

Top 5 Favorite Breads




Note: Yes, I have a gluten sensitivity. It may or may not make forbidden bread extra delicious.

Tell me can't you feel

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

things i'm currently listening to

jessie ware - running

snoop lion - la la la

Monday, December 10, 2012

Notable life lessons from the weekend

- Wherever you go, whatever you do, bring muffins.

- Pickle backs are a deal breaker. Will reconsider our friendship. Pro-pickle backs.

- Go with your gut. But remind your gut that you're about to go to the bar, and any art you buy is coming with you.

- Joining a twerk group is in my best interest.

- George Michael holds well over time.

- Don't waste hilarious thoughts on texts. Tweet that shit.

- After 4am, the number of people on the F train who've peed their pants is Everyone.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

hearts and stabs 12.9.12

- the night bazaar
- setting a new pace record at the jingle bell jog  = 4 miles. 33:54 finish at 8:29 ppm. YES
- cheeseballs and orange drinks at the levee
- getting an early start on new year's resolutions
- awesome besties

- cold weather, booooo.
- apartment hunting
- odd work requests
-  IV

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Diary #18

Lola. Age 10

December 18,1992

Dear Diary,

Name Redacted #1 used to like me. (At least I think so.) He doesn't seem to like me anymore. Name Redacted #2 says that Name Redacted #1 likes me. I don't know. Boys are all confusing to me.


Sigh. That is only the beginning, sweet little 10 year old Lola. If I had a Bill and Ted's Phonebooth, this would be a great moment to go back in time and tell myself to forget about boys and take piano lessons more seriously. Or not to forget to wind my watch. Either one, really.


A series of haikus that are definitely about you


To keep me intact:
Running, Malbec, Wallace, Love
(No certain order)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

actual email conversation from today

shelbs: so i dont know why she sent me this when i was asking about the place in williamsburg [link from broker to apartment in bed-stuy]

me: I think that's where biggie grew up

shelbs: if it's the same block, im in

me: we'll live by the 10 crack commandments

shelbs: this seems like the right direction for us to go.  we did want to change

Saturday, December 1, 2012