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Favorite bits about 26.2 through NYC

- Befriending the most delightful Englishman on the ferry (he indulged me in banksy talk)
- Waiting for coffee in the starting village with the loudspeaker blaring announcements in every possible language
- An amazing singalong to Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' as we stood on the entrance to the Verrazzano
- A tall kindly blonde man smiled, laughed and gave me a hug, when I croaked "Oh. My. God" at the starting line
- Helicopters hovering at the center of the Verrazzano Bridge
- Gossiping with other runners about Pamela Anderson's whereabouts down 4th Ave
- Little kid high fives on Flatbush Ave
- Fort Greene brigade singing and dancing to YMCA
- Church Choirs and Brass Bands and Drum circles and Bagpipes
- Wall of cheering and amazingness on Bedford in Williamsburg
- Quiet calm of the Queensboro Bridge
- That wall of sound that hits you upon entering Manhattan
- The boy in a fancy suit who handed me a life saving banana in the Bronx
- Awesome strangers yelling "Yeah Borky!" in Harlem
- The guy who chanted "Every step counts" outside Central Park
- Uncontrollable happy tears from miles 25-26.2
- Name in the New York Times (!!!!)

I love you, New York. Thank you. That was amazing.