Monday, April 26, 2010

holy crap m.i.a.

m.i.a. takes over pitchfork's twitter, releases new video, album tracklist

after watching the video, i am really looking forward to hearing the rest of this album. m.i.a. takes art to a whole other level.

the video is NSFW. seriously. not at all.

so, what's up with you?

random things in a list, just the way i like it:

- i had to reach deep down to find motivation to come to work today. my main motivation is that i have only 3 vacation days left. need to earn more of those.

- last night stuart and i went to dinner at my favorite restaurant farmacia. deliciousness ensued.

- at dinner, i learned of the awesomeness behind the "john daly." thank you stuart. john dalys are my new summer jam.

- as of late, i've switched my club/bar drink of choice from gin & tonic to raspberry stoli & sprite. this is one of the girliest things i could drink, right up there with cosmos or sex on the beach. i think i'm ok with this. just as long as arson is ok with ordering them for me.

- had a great run yesterday where i managed to avoid the inclement weather. thanks for that, rain.

- on friday, i put in a request with the dj at top hat to play egyptian lover, and he hooked it up. 1980s beats = <3

- still thinking about phd programs. perhaps a mix between public policy and sociology. it could be very cool.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i want to adopt this dog.

i think he would get along famously with wallace!