Saturday, June 30, 2007

tour de franzia

Tour de Franzia

why have i not done this before!?! clearly this needs to happen before the summer is over.

thoughts of pretty u and me, erotic city come alive

last night i went out with the graduate students. we started at the Serbian bar in the south side and then made our way over to the lava lounge. it can be argued that lava lounge is my favorite bar in pittsburgh.

highlight of the evening: dancing our asses off to prince's erotic city. one of prince's best.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

stompy man kills fish

Sheboygan man accused of stomping pet fish

"SHEBOYGAN — A man accused of stomping a pet tropical fish to death during a dispute with a girlfriend faces charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.... they found remains of the pet fish, an Oscar, on the sidewalk, the complaint said, and the girlfriend’s 12-year-old son told police Molina took it out of its tank and stomped it to death."

this is horrifying. i can't believe he actually retrieved the fish from the tank, carried it to the sidewalk and then stomped on it. that's some serious dedication. if anyone tried to stomp on arthur (my betta fish), i would probably go apeshit.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this is it, what

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

passive aggressive notes

shit is hilarious. i really wish i would have saved roommate notes from over the years. it is unfortunate that i live alone now. maybe i should start leaving myself some passive aggressive notes.

(thanks to SPE for the link!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

some classic liz phair

liz phair will always remind me of my girl emily, my neighbor and partner in crime from freshman year of college. she introduced me to a lot of music, liz phair being one of the many. we smoked many cigarettes and drank many beers together. some of my favorite college memories are with this girl, including a very memorable night in which we were deemed "satan and jesus."

this one is for emily, the party princess.

une femme est une femme

netflix recommended une femme est une femme to me based on my love for la dolce vita and also eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. it's godard. and it's fantastic. i absolutely love it when the couple fights through books.

youtube even has some clips...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

the white stripes clearly kick ass

the new white stripes album is really solid. it makes me want to speed down the turnpike. i look forward to getting to know this album, road trip style.

here's the video for icky thump. the pitchfork review can be read here.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pretty Soon You'll Hear the Pitter Patter of Tiny Sheets

Semi-sober girl: You going home to sleep it off?
Drunk girl: I'm gonna go home and make love to my bed... Make little cots...

--Bar, Bay Ridge

Overheard by: tea

via Overheard in New York, Jun 23, 2007

yep everythin gon be alright

so... the blog was rejected by an advertising thingie for adult content and material. i didn't realize i was offending the children.

i've never been one to do something half-assed, so let's offend some children. i present trina....

Friday, June 22, 2007

as real as it may seem, it was only in my dreams

i am listening to a crazy amount of debbie gibson lately. excuse me, deborah.

the classics:
- only in dreams
- shake your love
- electric youth
- lost in your eyes

i am veryclose to purchasing some throwback electric youth perfume. (thanks to WonL for reminding me! i completely forgot about it.) i can't remember exactly what it smells like, but i think it's something that i need. my birthday is in a couple months. i'd like to throw it out there as a gift idea.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

why do all good things come to an end

but in the latin alphabet, jehovah begins with an i

Holy Grail buried under Roman basilica?

"Rome, Jun. 20, 2007 ( - An Italian archaeologist, Alfredo Barbagallo, claims that the legendary Holy Grail is hidden in the catacombs under the 6th-century Roman basilica of St. Lawrence Outside the Walls."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

psychic powers

i realized last night that the palm reader i saw in rome near piazza navona was absolutely right about a lot of things so far. (i should note that everything the palm reader told me kinda pissed me off, as i was content at the time with where my life was going. i wanted dude to be wrong.)

palm reader said:

*i would work in public relations - true. i left law school and my internship is in external affairs and public relations

*current boyfriend was a douche - true. but i didn't need to pay 10 euro to know that.

* everything would be resolved at the end of the summer - TRUE.

*would meet someone older, more conservative who gets how sensitive i am - this is partially true. i did meet someone who "gets me" although the conservative part is not true.

* have baby within 7 years - absolutely NOT TRUE. lies. lieeeees. give me my money back. this will never be true.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i can't even come up with a witty title for this post. i just can't

Salad Swiped From Man's Fridge; Knife Stuck In Door

"SOMERSET, Pa. -- Someone kicked in the door of a man's apartment, stuck a knife in the door and took a chilled salad from his refrigerator.

Somerset police said the man reported the bizarre burglary on Monday. He told investigators someone broke into his apartment while he went to a nearby tavern. Nothing but the salad was missing, police said.

Police said they have a suspect and expect to file charges once they finish their investigation."

omg. i can't even wrap my head around this. break-into house, stick knife in door, steal salad. really? really?!? was it a pittsburgh-style salad with french fries on the bottom? did it have bits of crack in it? was the salad bowl made of gold? my brain can't just handle this one. i need to go lay down. (lie down?)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

i think i spilled the P.L.U.R.

in rave culture, there is something called "speaker humping." in the case of speaker humping, you kind of have to see it to believe it. viewing a speakerhumper up close and personal is truly wonderful, but youtube has given us the opportunity to witness this previously undocumented gloriousness.

do enjoy.

dizzee rascal

this has to be my favorite dizzee rascal track. it definitely had a high rotation on my radio show in college.

used to be my romeo

Friday, June 15, 2007

wedding things

my oldest childhood friend is getting married this summer. next month, i will be attending her bridal shower with my mother. the fact that my friend is getting married doesn't necessarily freak me out. i'm not feeling suffocated by the lifelong commitment, but the whole thing is just kind of surreal.

this girl was supposed to marry jordan knight. i was supposed to marry joey mcintyre. we played barbies. we built cardboard houses in her backyard. we made up a language, imaginary friends and had a dance routine. we even smoked our first cigarettes together. basically when i think of my childhood, i think of living next door to this girl and growing up side by side. and now she's getting married.

i'm very happy for her, and excited for the event. but damn. goodbye childhood. goodbye jordan knight. (isn't he gay?) and hello target wedding registry with monogrammed towelettes.

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i could go for that

i've entered a music phase that i probably should be embarrassed about. but i'm not. bring on the hall & oates. i can't stop listening to i can't go for that. it is a glorious song that will not leave my head.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

this one is for you, chips

Man drives down Rome tourist treasure

"ROME (Reuters), June 14: A man was arrested before dawn on Wednesday as he drove his Toyota Celica down the Spanish steps, one of Rome's most popular tourist spots where visitors are usually banned from drinking and singing, let alone driving."

hahaha. perhaps the man was coming from the spanish steps pub crawl and lost his way. or perhaps he had 10 flaming shots at the black duke.

imagine my delight when i saw this headline in the new york times

Bork v. Bork

"Imagine what Robert Bork the legal scholar would ask if he had a chance to question Mr. Bork the plaintiff."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

feel free to eat things off the floor.

Five-second rule for dropped food? Try 30

Two college students studied the 5 second rule for their microbiology class.

"First they dropped Skittles candy and apple slices on the school's dining hall floor for different lengths of time.

Then they swabbed the food for samples and checked for any bacteria.

Their conclusions may be a relief to those who rescue fallen food: it took more than 30 seconds for bacteria to cultivate on the apple slices, which represented wet food.

As for the Skittles, which stood in for dry food, it took longer than a minute."

rapex has opened a website

The website, which i am really enjoying right now, contains FAQs, an image gallery, a survey and other informative things. my favorite is the FAQs.

"When should I wear it?
Should you have to travel long distances alone, on a train, working late, going out on a date with someone you don’t know too well, going to clubs, or in any situation that you might not feel comfortable or even just not sure."

"Will it be available in various sizes?
Yes. Small, medium and large."

"Can this be worn during masturbation?
No, not at all."

"Can't the rapist simply take a pair of scissors and cut it off?
No. The latex cannot be cut easily, the hooks are embedded in the skin and it is extremely difficult to remove."

more FAQs can be found on the website, but those are my favorites.
Fortunately, She's Pre-Med

Chick: Ugh, I cannot wait to get these stupid stitches out!
Guy: You got stitches? What happened?
Chick: My roommate kept threatening to cut a bitch... She finally did.

--R train

via Overheard in New York, Jun 12, 2007

staten island landfill, delicious!

Pol: Say No To 'Staten Island Landfill' Ice Cream

5 Boroughs Ice Cream produces "Staten Island Landfill," a vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks and cherries. Politicians are apparently pissed about this, claiming it is derogatory.

"The company markets other city-based ice cream flavors, including "Jackson Heights Mangodesh," "South Bronx Cha Cha Chocolate" and even "Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla."

The chairman of the upper East Side Community Board 8, David Liston, said if the ice cream was good, he would eat it.

Those who tried the Landfill ice cream said the name wasn't a big deal.

"It's not like we'll be expecting to see a syringe or a rubber boot in there," said Joe Melendez, an ironworker from Brooklyn."

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Monday, June 11, 2007

holy crap i love this


kinda old but still hilarious

Sovereign Cure for All Human Ills

Hipster to sobbing girl: Hey, do you want some pizza? Come on, I'll buy you a slice of pizza. [She keeps crying.] Vegan pizza?

--N 7th & Bedford

via Overheard in New York, Jun 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now the Hallucination's Speaking to Me

Guy on cell: Um, I think I just saw Tony Danza ride past me on roller blades.
Tony Danza: Yeah, ya did!

--Central Park

Overheard by: Long Distance Learner

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Friday, June 8, 2007

cookies and colin

despite the fact that it's friday and gorgeous out, i'm gonna need some cookies and hugh grant today. some colin firth too. basically i need some hot men from the UK and a black and white cookie. then i'll stop being blue.

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Deja Vu?

Origin of Deja Vu Pinpointed

"Déjà vu is a memory problem, Tonegawa explained, occurring when our brains struggle to tell the difference between two extremely similar situations. As people age, Tonegawa said déjà-vu-like confusion happens more often—and it also happens in people suffering from brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. “It’s not surprising,” he said, “when you consider the fact that there’s a loss of or damage to cells in the dentate gyrus.”"

yikes. i have deja vu at least once a week. i even had it yesterday. i can't wait to get Alzheimer's?

this song has been in my head forevvvveeeer

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

um, your wife???

hahahaha. best actor ever.

a whole new world of pre-gaming

Dutch students develop powdered alcohol

"AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch students have developed powdered alcohol which they say can be sold legally to minors.

The latest innovation in inebriation, called Booz2Go, is available in 20-gramme packets that cost 1-1.5 euros (70 pence-1 pound).

Top it up with water and you have a bubbly, lime-coloured and -flavoured drink with just 3 percent alcohol content."

how often would you say that you hustle?

i took a different route to work this morning, and it was absolutely delightful. as i sat at the stoplight near polish hill on bigelow, i heard a car BLASTING rick ross's hustlin. at 7:30am. YES.

it is needless to say that i was ecstatic. i freaking love that song. i actually leered out the window and yelled out "RICK ROSS!" unfortunately, the light changed and i didn't get to share a moment with my fellow hustler. but there is always tomorrow...

Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

Why do mafia hit men drop their guns at the scene of a crime?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Mouthful of DC Bagel Would Cost Me My Job and My Marriage

Stewardess: Bagel?
Passenger: Is it from New York or DC?
Stewardess: Oh, I'm sorry, it's from DC.
Passenger: Thank you for understanding why that's important.

--Delta plane, from DC to LaGuardia

via Overheard in New York, Jun 4, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

never shake a baby

holy crap

they cited me. they cited me? AMAZING.

but now we have a glorious video to share on business funk. do enjoy.

adventures in philly

i loved:
- the city
- rittenhouse sq
- sal's in the gayborhood
- sugar mom's in olde city
- indian queen brunch
- the continental
- train and rain adventures
- seeing CT from the real world, again

i didn't like:
- southwest airlines

Friday, June 1, 2007

no wonder i loved rome.

Study Finds Cocaine, Pot in Rome's Air

"A report from Italy's National Research Council released Thursday found that there are traces of cocaine and cannabis in the air of the Eternal City.

The institute made the discovery during a study of toxic substances in the air of Rome, Taranto, in the heel of boot-shaped Italy, as well as in Algiers. The results found that in Rome, there were traces of cocaine and cannabis — as well as nicotine, caffeine and benzopirene, which is commonly released in cigarette smoke and auto emissions."

yoooo, who's going back to rome with me? i'll get a new passport and we can fly cheap on northwest. i actually really miss italy. but maybe it's just withdrawal from the coked up air.