Thursday, April 14, 2011

hearts and stabs for 4.13.11

- new friends and old friends
- emails that aren't newsletters or mailing lists or advertisements. they are pure awesomeness.
- the romantic comedy, leap year. predictable but still lovely.
- it is almost warm enough for porch/patio/roof drinking
- current favorite album: egyptain lover - king of ecstasy
- spring dresses
- new favorite bar in town, sassafrass. really yummy food and drinks. luckily not a lot of people read this blog, mostly because i dont want too many people to find out about this magical bar.
- alice temperley for target. i rocked this at work today.
- frilly toothpicks.

- the price of blood oranges: so delicious yet so expensive.
- that guy who threw a pop bottle in the street and almost hit me with it. littering sucks and so does he
- the janky windows in my apartment. please let me open you. also, please stop popping out of the window frames.
- really awkward moments. moments so awkward that they surpass amusing and become uncomfortable. i was a bystander of one of those today and it is seared into my brain.
- valet parking. is it just me or do those guys take it way too seriously?