Friday, October 23, 2009

<3 music <3

i clearly have a <3 affair with music. sometimes i forget about artists/songs and then remember them and heart them all over again. this is what i used to love, and have recently rediscovered:

bjork - hyper ballad

underworld - two months off

q tip - feelin

grab the mic -olllllddd tupac

sean paul - deport dem

what have you rediscovered lately?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

a song to get stuck in your head

you're welcome?

just sayin'

i'm suddenly feeling the need to become a huge yankees and/or angels fan. (can't imagine why)



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

discussion topic: will smith - switch

released in 2004, this track is different than will smith's other work. why? i spied a timbaland in there. will has better flow in this track. and a better bassline. it's not jiggy or miami. a little edgier but with that same commercial appeal. i like.

just the song:

video which will probably be disabled soon:

oh my god we're back again...

oh hey, i've been busy lately and forgot to blog. what am i doing?

- job interview in nyc
- missing my lovelies in nyc
- road trip to buffalo
- twitter!
- heavier workload at the job in philly (still waiting for the increased pay)
- accepted bridesmaid role in my buffalo bestie's wedding
- extended hours at the gym to become hottie bridesmaid
- applying to phd programs for policy analysis
- wallace turned 1!!
- visit to pittsburgh for girls weekend
- running again, just hit 8.5 miles. got awesome advice to eat a gu to achieve more mileage (thanks pinky!)
- running an 8K in november
- really digging the new zero 7 album
- sudden unexpected <3 for jack johnson

so what are YOU doing?