Thursday, April 23, 2009

beards that i like: the jack sparrow beard

i really dig dudes with facial hair. moustaches, beards, little chin hair, excessive sideburns. i tend to like guys that could easily pass as lumberjacks. i've been trying to convince arson zarley to grow facial hair. but since it's all "hipster" and "cool" to have a beard, he won't do it. (and that makes you even more of a hipster, arson... you won't get an ironic beard because they lost their irony.)

but i digress... at arson's suggestion, i will now devote some of my blog to facial hair. to start things off, here is the awesome captain jack sparrow beard. it's long, twisty and beaded.


Friday, April 17, 2009

prepare your mind to get blown

Thank you people of the UK for inventing the Lippi Selk Bag. I cannot handle the awesomeness. It's like a snowsuit but with a certain stealthy mobility. I can confidently say that I would wear this thing. A lot. Maybe in public.



radiohead covers portishead

this is really cool. radiohead's thom and jonny covering portishead's "the rip" from third. it's my favorite song from third, so i find this particularly awesome.

here's the original from portishead, live via BBC2

Thursday, April 16, 2009

playlist for 4.16.09

pj harvey and tricky - broken homes

esthero ft dj krush - final home

unkle - in a state

ian brown & unkle - reign

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

best workout video ever?

as you may or may not know, injuries are keeping my running at bay. i did about 5.3 miles the other day, but my body is clearly pissed at me. to replace my fun runs, i just purchased the pit, a UFC workout video. yessssssss. i'm going to be just like bas rutten!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

movie review: body of lies

i watched body of lies last night, starring leo dicaprio and russell crowe. instead of telling you what i think, i'm going to insinuate it with a series of questions. let's have at it.

- why was this movie so long?
- why was the ending so anticlimactic? he bought vegetables. that's not even good enough to warrant a *spoiler alert*
- is this why i fell asleep?
- wouldn't russell crowe's character be better played by richard dreyfuss?
- do you really need that many vaccination shots for rabies? if so, why haven't i been vaccinated 18 bajillion times?
- are we supposed to believe that leonardo dicaprio can easily pass as middle eastern with a simple change of hair color and facial hair? this reminded me of team america.
- why do i want to watch this again? i feel like i missed things. there was a lot going on.