Friday, July 18, 2014

What have I learned from a broken arm?

- morphine makes me a giggle factory
- having 2 functional arms quite helpful for activities (flossing, washing hair, opening, closing and carrying things)
- do not be alarmed if arm turns blue and hand swells into a puppet size. it's "healing"
- totally normal for left breast to swell into a megaboob twice the size of righty
- scope of wardrobe options shifted entirely to items with a generous "arm hole size" for cast accommodation
- stank arm? stuff dryer sheets in there
- jazz up arm cast with sling bling, like a nice scarf
- do not underestimate the ability to carry things around in arm sling
- the only way to sleep is with a proper pillow fort
- facial scars are beautiful
- deep down, New Yorkers are very kind, helpful people
- wear a bike helmet, guys

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

rustie - raptor

listen. and then come back to it. totally worth it.

and yes, this should be called "glitter trap"

let it rain, now clear it out